Board of Directors

Eight board chairs


Rachele Walter

  • Serves as the chief executive officer of Lincoln Atheists.
  • Presides over each meeting of the Board or designates another Board member to preside.
  • Facilitates cooperation between Board members and their committees to ensure goals and duties of all committees are completed efficiently and effectively.
  • Acts as the public face of the group in the community and to news media outlets, or designates another member to do so.
  • Ensures that Board members are fulfilling their appointed duties.


Susan Soriente

  • Has custody of and maintains the Articles of Incorporations, the Bylaws, and other basic records relating thereto.
  • Oversees membership records and member benefits.
  • Maintains minutes of Board meetings, and other records as instructed by the President.


Ryan McMaster

  • Accounts for all funds of Lincoln Atheists, as required by law and by orders of the Board.
  • Deposits Lincoln Atheists’ funds in a safe depository approved by the Board.
  • Co-chairs the Fundraising Committee.
  • Prepares financial and other reports required by governmental agencies.

Director of Education

Ronnie Kellogg

  • Presides over meetings of the Education Committee.
  • Coordinates education opportunities for members and non-members and develops educational outreach programs for the general public.
  • Maintains a lending library to be made available to members in good standing.
  • Coordinates activism and response to social and community issues.
  • Confers with the Board prior to scheduling activism events.

Director of Community Service

  • Presides over meetings of the Community Service Committee.
  • Coordinates community service projects and charitable giving for members and non-members.
  • Organizes and implements community service projects and philanthropic endeavors.

Director of Marketing

Cara McClelland

  • Presides over meetings of the Marketing Committee.
  • Coordinates marketing, advertising and promotional activities via print and digital media outlets. Expands membership in the organization.
  • Co-chairs the Fundraising Committee.
  • Assists designated spokespersons with presenting cohesive messages about Lincoln Atheists to the media, general public, or public officials on behalf of the organization.

Director of Activities

Evelyn Young

  • Presides over meetings of the Activities Committee.
  • Organizes and promotes enjoyable and rewarding activities for members and nonmembers.
  • Upholds the welfare of all demographics by researching and implementing supportive and helpful services and programs that meet human needs.

Director of Information Technology

Ryan McMaster

  • Maintains all aspects of the information technology infrastructure and systems.
  • Presides over development and implementation of a suite of cloud­based technology tools and resources that support operations.
  • Ensures that user permissions and security needs are met and data is processed in the best interest of members.
  • Co­manages the organization’s external website, and social media accounts with Marketing Director.
  • Provide technical support, assist, and consult with other board members to design and maintain the Lincoln Atheists website, digital media content and accounts, social media content and accounts, and other media and accounts as assigned.