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Audio Book/CDs
God is Not Great Hitchens, Christopher 9 Hours
Magazine/Pamphlet Pages
Awake! September 2015 Vol. 96, No. 9 Jehovah Witness/Watch Tower Tract 16
The Watchtower-Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom; September 1, 2015 Jehovah Witness/Watch Tower Tract 16
Hardbound Books Pages
Attack of the Theocrats! How the Religious Right Harms Us All-and What We Can Do About It Faircloth, Sean 156
Breaking the Spell Dennett, Daniel C. 412
Disturbing the Universe Dyson, Freeman 283
God's Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to Save America Rosin, Hanna 286
Handbook of Unusual Natural Phenomena; Eyewitness Accounts Corliss, William R. 283
Science and Creationism (Compilation of Essays, ed. Ashley Montagu) Asimov, Boulding, Gould, Hardin, Stent, et al 415
The Art Of India, Five Thousand Years Of Indian Art Goetz, Hermann 281
The Courage to Become; The Virtues of Humanism Kurtz, Paul 126
The Dervish House McDonald, Ian 353
The Reason Driven Live; What Am I Here on Earth For? Price, Robert M. 356
Paper Back Books
36 Arguments for the Existence of God--Fiction + Appendix of Arguments Goldstein, Rebecca Newberger 503
A Brief History of Time; 10th Anniversary Ed. Hawking, Stephen 197
Anthropology of Religion (A Handbook) Glazier, Stephen D. Editor 515
Atheist Universe; The Thinking Person's Answer to Xian Fundamentalism Mills, David 255
Atheism Unraveled Cserhati, Matthew 79
Christianity Before Christ Jackson, John G. 218
Darwin's Black Box Behe, Michael J. 289
Deconverted; A Journey from Religion to Reason Andrews, Seth 183
Natural Atheism Eller, David 345
Perceiving God--The Epistemology of Religious Experience Alston, William P. 307
Religion for Dummies Gellman, Marc & Hartman, Thomas 374
The Best American Science Writing 2007 Kolata, Gina; Cohen, Jesse 330
The Call of God Ex Preacher 126
The Demon-Haunted World Sagan, Carl 437
The End of Faith Harris, Sam 301
The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ Pullman, Philip 265
The Moral Superiority of Atheism Gohs, Benjamin J. 273
The Uses Of Psychology In Management Gellerman, Saul W 262
The Windup Girl Bacigalupi, Paolo 359
The World is Flat; A Brief History of the 21st Century Friedman, Thomas L. 469
The World's Religions Smith, Huston 391
What Does the Bible Really Teach Jehovah Witness/Watch Tower Tract 223
Videos Minutes
God's Not Dead Harold Cronk 114
The God Who Wasn't There Brian Flemming 62
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